‘Zounds! I largely agree with a MSNBC article!

…thankfully, it’s just their Top 10 ‘geek’ movie list for the last decade.

Although not completely: I’d swap out Casino Royale for Iron Man – or, more accurately, replace Gladiator with it. Oh, and remove Wall-E and replace it with All Those Goddamn Spectacular Pixar Films. The others are dealer’s choice, and not worth fussing over, as long as you see them.  It’s a good list, in other words; one way that you can tell is that I watched all but one of those films, at least half of them in theaters – and liked all the ones that I saw*.

Moe Lane

*With the partial exception of Gladiator.  But that was because the first five minutes made me realize that what I really, really wanted to watch was an epic movie about Roman legionary warfare.  Not quite the movie’s fault, and such is life.

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