Rasmussen: Coakley/Brown 50/41.

Nine points.  In Masssachusetts.  And look here:

Both candidates get better than 70% of the vote from members of their respective parties, but Brown leads 65% to 21% among voters not affiliated with either of the major parties.

Rasmussen’s not pretending that this race isn’t a tough one for Brown, and neither will I: but I told a reporter yesterday that Coakley would have to win by at least ten points to keep national Democrats from getting nervous. Her being single-digits now should set off alarm bells for both parties…

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Moe Lane

PS: Scott Brown for Senate.

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  • Moe,

    Another thing that should encourage Brown’s supporters is the campaigning online on his behalf by Hill Buzz, a group of gay Chicago Democratic men who campaigned for McCain/Palin after the nomination was stolen from Hillary. Their support of Brown has been picked up by Little Miss Attila and I’m about to chime in, too.

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