I count coup on Senator Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide).

False modesty be damned.

I do not claim the scalp – that honor is collectively shared by the VRWC as a whole – but by God I will count coup on the man.  He’s going out the door, and he didn’t want to go, and his party’s leadership didn’t want him to go.  He’s going because a lot of peopleincluding myself – kept reminding the Connecticut electorate that Chris Dodd was a corrupt suckweasel of a Democrat; and while as a Republican I may be worse off with Richard Blumenthal entering the race, as an American I’m better off with Dodd leaving it.

So good job to everybody else who helped take Dodd down, too.

Moe Lane

PS: So, who should be next on the list?

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2 thoughts on “I count coup on Senator Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide).”

  1. The question is can citizens prosecute this man AFTER he leaves office. His trail of deceit and illicit actions deserve investigation… which Democratic Leaders, to date, have refused launch. The ONLY way we can ever trust any government official is to HOLD THOSE WHO HAVE HELD OR ARE HOLDING OFFICE ACCOUNTABLE for their actions while serving in office. Such punitive actions will cause others to reconsider taking questionable actions while in office. How about using an IRS trick and allow those who KNOW they are at risk to RESIGN and repay before their term ends to avoid the threat of pending legal action?

  2. http://www.DumpChrisDodd.com got the “SNOWBALL ROLLING DOWN THE HILL” at Dodd over 1 year ago. They were RELENTLESS and helped drive his poll numbers lower and lower. Dodd could not escape them. They made “DumpDodd” stickers, t-shirts, yard signs,etc. which began to appear ALL OVER CT. Whatever event CHRI$ went to in the state, they were there. Their “BANKERS FOR DODD” video on youtube, posted from a Dodd fundraiser last July, is a CLASSIC!

    These PATRIOTS deserve to be recognized and I hope Moe and REDSTATE do just that. Thanks.

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