Too good to check: Rahm Emanuel to run for mayor of Chicago?

(H/T: RCP) The thought has John Kass so frightened that he’s ready to beg Richard Daley to stay on – this is roughly equivalent to me begging Paul Verhoeven to direct the movie adaptation of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress – but there’s at least one thing going for it: win or lose, Rahm Emanuel would be replaced as WH Chief of Staff. This is another Republican vs. American moment for me: while the former appreciates the way that Emanuel’s reduced the executive branch’s internal infrastructure to a godawful, incoherent mess, the latter recognizes that we’re all better served with somebody who’s at least competent at running a staff.

And, well, I don’t live in Chicago, so farming him off to that city is no skin off of my nose.

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