Dammit, Bioware, some of us don’t *have* XBox 360s.

Some of us have PCs on which we would be playing our Dragon Age: Origins DLC.  Return to Ostagar is almost two weeks late: I’ve been preparing my post-epilogue party for its run for almost that amount of time*.  Give me the DLC, already.

Yes, yes, if I had a Xbox 360 I wouldn’t be worrying about all those benighted, beleaguered PC sufferers. Your point?

Yes, well, we already knew that I’m strange.

Moe Lane

*Heavy mage for this one: my Elven mage (arcane warrior/spirit healer) as tank, Leiliana (bard/ranger) as DPS/lockpick/automated drone controller, Wynne (spirit healer/arcane warrior) as buffer and Morrigan (shapechanger/arcane warrior) as DPS.  I expect a lot of pyrotechnics.


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