I am back from Daybreakers.

[UPDATE]: Like Jimmie, Those Who Hunt the Night would make for a good flick.

Assessment: not half bad. It had a 1950s Atomic Horror-style cheerful disregard for basic science – essentially, it waved its hands and chanted ‘classic vampirism is an infectious disease, and never mind all the supernatural elements’ three times while turning widdershins – but that was OK: it’s a horror flick with an action-movie flavor, not District 9.  The costumers did a nice job, as did the people in charge of thinking up all the little details of a world run by vampires for vampires.  Gory as all get-out, but it’s a vampire flick, so, well.

Also: expect sequels if this movie makes enough money.  Actually, the concept would make for a decent weekly television series…

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