Quote of the Day, Jules Crittenden edition.


Kristol at the Weekly Standard wonders whether [President Obama will] take the high road, and repudiate his party’s rape smear, or let it stand. Judging by his lack of interest in repudiating racism smears except in the mildest and lowest profile terms possible, I’ve gotta go with let it stand. Because Obama of all people understands this isn’t about Scott Brown, it isn’t about Martha Coakley, it isn’t about the Democratic Party, it definitely isn’t about fair play or the people of Massachusetts, and it really isn’t even about health care, either. It’s about him.

…but then, this is the world that we all live in now.

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  • MochaLite says:

    … as it should be! BO has made everything about himself ever since the campaign. When he said that his election would mark the day the rise of the oceans ceased, he shouldn’t be surprised when he gets pasted with every missing-of-the-mark after!

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