Karen Tumulty reports that Coakley is DOOMed.

It’s a little inside-baseball (that’s the sport that Curt Schilling played, AG Crowley), but when somebody reports:

i may be wrong, but this energy for brown looks and feels pretty genuine to me. dems are banking on turnout operation.

…about the underdog*, well, the underdog is dead in the water and just trying to keep a defeat from becoming a rout.

Moe Lane

*Really dead in the water.

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PS: Yes, I know. You’re tired of it. You’re tired of hearing about it. Alas, this is the single most important piece of domestic political news going on today, and I am a junkie. It’ll be all over tomorrow.

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  • AveSharia says:

    Hopefully not *too* early tomorrow… Need something to keep me busy other than work tomorrow.

    I once went to work and did nothing but tweet/read news all day. I billed it as “Wed. 0.00 hours – Israeli election returns”

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