Also: [ahem] “See, I told you so.”

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers – and I assure you, I don’t ever want to get on Glenn’s bad side.  I heard that he once linked a site in Reno, just to watch it crash…

This message goes out to every vulnerable Democratic Congressman representing a Republican or even centrist district – and after tonight, who among you is not vulnerable? It is a simple message: we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. The easy way is, you suddenly decide that you have a burning desire to spend more time with your families. So you don’t run for re-election, you walk off stage technically undefeated, and you go join a lobbying firm. The hard way is, you do run for re-election, and we pry you out of your seats.

We want to do this the hard way. We will enjoy doing it.

That’s your only warning. And remember: nobody is going to be able to save you. If the President, the DSCC, the DCCC, the DNC, the SEIU, ACORN, and the netroots couldn’t manage a win in Massachusetts… what do you think that they can do for you?

Moe Lane

PS: To my readers… go have a drink. Go have a few. Celebrate. Tomorrow, we talk about how we’re going to take FL-19 and HI-01 away from the Democratic party.

PPS: More than a few people wanted me to mock specific members of the netroots in this post – but when I’m on my way to the main hall to deliver a message I see no reason why I should stop at the kennels along the way.

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