Funny. ERIN didn’t seem to have a problem, Ms. Downtain.

I had pretty much dismissed this WSJ article complaining about the lack of a particular social class of women being able to marry on their level as being vaguely pointless and offensive (my response was, as I recall, “So marry a plumber”) – but it had its purpose, after all: it (via POWIP) alerted me to this.

I almost want to get married again, so that I could try to do something like this trailer.

Moe Lane


  • Skip says:

    I see articles like this WSJ one all the time, and they always amuse me. Because Ms. Downtain’s situation is exactly what the feminists want – professional woman, no man involved or necessary. Somehow I suspect that the problem, when she brings men back to her place, and they run fleeing, isn’t the men.

    Feminists decided to destroy the social compact that had developed over thousands of years, because when they saw “giving benefits to men in exchange for men agreeing to a monogamous relationship and assistance in rearing children”, all they could see was the first part. And now when they want the second part, well, sorry, I’m having a hard time finding much sympathy.

  • Fausta says:

    Silly girl, Downtain. She’s overimpressed with her own wonderfulness and won’t consider anyone that’s not her ideal guy (height, job, income, and on and on).

    Love Erin and Jeff! A while ago I posted on why short(ish) guys like tall women. Looks like Jeff is on the right track.

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