D&D promotes gang-related activity?

Now, for the record: I’m not particularly upset that this guy can’t play D&D in prison – if for no other reason that you can’t play it without dice, and dice means gambling, and while my brief foray into the topic suggests that gambling may not be universally banned in American prisons I’m not seeing that correctional officials approve of it, either.  Besides, convicted murderer who got life; not exactly the sort that would be in my Friday game, anyway.  So, I’m fine with the ban, more or less, and at least when it comes to this particular case.  What upsets me is that I’m now being invited to imagine what a D&D themed street gang would look like.

Unfortunately, I’m succeeding.

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  • Neil Stevens says:

    I think Chugworth Academy covered that.

  • Maladorn says:

    “Hey Dragon Breath, This minion’s trying to take over our lair.”

    “Oh is he, Magic Hat? Maybe he’d like to get a taste of my breath weapon.”

    “Lord Octavian Reginald Pious Commodus, Paladin of Bane, probably has some ideas too.”

    Yeesh. Just pathetic. I’m pretty sure the skinheads would have that group crying inside a week.

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