Geez, is it Davos time AGAIN?

This is one of those things that I never heard of, pre-blogosphere:

Disputes over how best to reform the global financial system are set to dominate this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is likely to add to the pressure on banks in a keynote speech on Wednesday.

Numerous sessions on banking reform are expected to see clashes between bankers and regulators.

…and I’m wondering whether I’m better off having an awareness of this event. I’d have about as much chance of getting an invite to it as I’d have of getting to the moon by climbing; and the protests are dead boring. You’d think that it’d be impossible to have a dull protest where tear gas and water cannons are involved, but look at the video. They’re all just phoning it in.

Moe Lane

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