I’ll be on Fausta’s BlogTalkRadio program this morning… #rsrh

at 11 AM. The conversation is ostensibly about the SotU, but I tend to ramble all over the rhetorical landscape when I’m not being actively prodded back into line. Then again, I plan to be at least a little sarcastic on the way that you still can’t trust the White House staff to get even the most elementary details right

2 thoughts on “I’ll be on Fausta’s BlogTalkRadio program this morning… #rsrh”

  1. There was a real bully in the bully pulpit last night. Obama, who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, attacked the Supreme Court DURING THE STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH last night. He attacked them knowing they could not defend themselves, the coward. They should have arisen as a body and walked right out of there.

    In the same damn speech he said words to the effect that government officials should not attack each other. What a clown! He doesn’t even read the speeches prepared for him closely enough not to contradict himself, which makes him look just like the jerk he is.

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