“Re: Your Brains.”

My wife hates this song, for some reason. I’m also apparently not really supposed to sing it to the children as a lullaby.

Re: Your Brains, Jonathan Coulton

But how will they learn that you should never trust zombies, otherwise?

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  • My kids (4 and 2) picked this song up from me ages ago. I also taught them Tom Smith’s “I Had a Shoggoth” on purpose. My wife even helped with that one! It’s great fun, but she and I are afraid that one of these days the two of them are going to start belting out the chorus of “Re: Your Brains” at the top of their lungs in the children’s Sunday School. And then we would almost literally die laughing. They’ve already done it a few times in the grocery store, which gets us all kinds of funny looks.

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