Breaking: Okinawa Jack Murtha back in ICU. #rsrh

He’ll probably survive.ย  More or less.

I should go make lunch.


  • texaskatey says:

    I manage a general surgical practice, and laparoscopic gall bladder removals are a “bread and butter” procedure. For someone to wind up in ICU following that surgery is exceedingly rare — most patients go home the same day.

    Although Okinawa Jack is not a favorite of mine, I hope that he recovers soon.

  • FeFe says:

    In the name of Obama’s open hand foreign policy, shouldn’t Murtha have gone to Newfoundland and taken Premier Danny Williams place in line for socialized health care, since Williams came to the US and is in an undisclosed hospital for heart surgery skipping the cue with cash? After all, the province has a $2.6-billion-a-year health system in need of earmarks too.

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