DOOM for Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D, AR)? #rsrh

Maybe, maybe not – but when Tom Jensen feels the need to start his preview of the Senate race in Arkansas with the sentence “[w]e are going to have Blanche Lincoln-John Boozman numbers tomorrow* and they aren’t pretty for Lincoln” you can be reasonably certain that they won’t be giving out free kittens and ice cream at the Arkansas Democrat party HQ in celebration of the news.  The general impression that I’m getting, in fact, is that when it comes to November the difference between Lincoln and other potential Democratic alternatives is going to be mostly in seeing how far the rubble bounces…

Moe Lane

*This was written yesterday, so expect the news sometimes Tuesday morning.

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  • Darin H says:

    Blanche reminds me of Gordon Smith (R sortof – OR). Dead man running. Even though I voted for him, he had no shot of retaining his seat. The national mood plus the state mood had him losing to any D.

    Merkley was a 4th tier challenger at best, and he won easily. Blanche, welcome to retirement.

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