So I’ve got everything I need to survive a blizzard…

…except, well, an actual blizzard.  Although I’m told that it will supposedly show up later.

Moving along, and not unrelatedly: while I have yet to really play the two games that I’ve so far bought for the Wii, I should ask what I absolutely, positively, we’re-not-fooling-about this pick up for that console.  My criteria are:

  • Nothing insanely expensive.
  • Stuff Blows Up.
  • Melee weapons a plus.
  • I have young, impressionable kids who I don’t particularly want to psychically scar.

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  • Michael N. says:

    We’re pretty fond of Boom Blox — there’s no melee weapons, but you can throw things and knock down towers, plus there are animated cows and penguins. The explosions are pretty nifty, too.

    I’m told that Lego Star Wars is an absolute gotta-have, too, but I haven’t acquired it yet. I think my next game will be something in the “MySims” line, since my daughter thinks that customizing and re-customizing her Mii is the best part of the whole thing. I’ll provide thoughts once I have them. 🙂

  • Phil Smith says:

    These have both been out for a while so there shouldn’t be a premium price on them.

    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the best I’ve played yet on the Wii. There isn’t any melee per se, but you do get to use a lasso for various grappling activity, controlled by the nunchuk. Some stuff blows up.

    Wii Fitness Resort (with the motion enhancement) has a great Kendo game included. You have 1-1 combat, speed slicing competition, and a many-to-one combat with 20 levels. Nothing blows up.

    Your kids summon Yog-Sothoth. How can they be scarred by any game out there?

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    Do you already have The Force Unleashed? If so, what else do you need? If not, WHY not?

  • Maladorn says:

    +1 for Force Unleashed. Perhaps not as pretty on the Wii, but much more satisfying combat.

    Wii Resort is also fun, with a sword game (think nerf gauntlet) as well as others.

  • 1) Starting with the metacritic:


    Metacritic is the one stop shop for figuring out what Wii games are good.

    2) The first rule of Wii ownership is: Never buy anything that says “minigames” unless it is Wii Sports Resort.

    3) Zelda has got to have all that you want in a Wii game. It was a launch title, so it can be gotten on the cheap. Link uses bombs (explosions) and a sword (melee).

    On a similar note, Okami.

    4) Mario Galaxy, mayhaps? Does stomping count as melee? Super Mario Wii would be more up my alley. At least Mario isn’t scarring, unless your children have developed an irrational fear of Italian stereotypes, mustaches, or plumbers.

  • matt says:

    I second Okami, it is truely a great game.
    Wii sports resort rocks too.

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