The GOP/White House ‘discussion’ on health care, simplified.

I’m going to sum this entire thing up, because the sooner we move past this the happier everybody’s going to be.

  • Republican Party* (in the person of House Republican Leader John Boehner & House Republican Whip Eric Cantor): Mr. President, you claim that you want bipartisan health care talks.  Do you have the moral courage to commit to junking this existing unpopular, hyper-partisan health care bill and start over from scratch, with a further commitment for transparency and against reconciliation?
  • White House** (in the person of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs): No.

And I think that should end it right there: Republican Members of the House of Representatives don’t debate press secretaries, either.

Moe Lane

*H/T: FireDogLake (I know, I know, but there was nothing offensive about this specific post).

**H/T: Hot Air Headlines.

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  • Ric Locke says:

    I’m continually astonished by rightist’s unwillingness to use the “stone bucket” technique in this “debate”.

    Somebody ought to create a sound-clip file of all the declarations by Obama, Gibbs, and the rest of the DNC and moonbat types declaring that “we won!” and Republican input is neither desirable nor necessary. Then, instead of replying to the present set of appeals, just select the appropriate clip and play it back, sort of like the rotating-sig function of a newsreader.

    As for the “party of no” accusation, the proper comeback is that conscientious parents often end up saying “No!” to feckless children. It’s part of the responsibilities of an adult.


  • ASmith says:

    I’m glad somebody is the party of “No!”
    NO! We will not hand over our freedom!
    NO! We will not submit to government take over of OUR health care!
    NO! We will not be silent while politicians burden us and our children with unmanageable debt!
    NO! NO! NO!

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