Marco Rubio moneybomb today.

[UPDATE: By the way, the below link is to Demint’s Senate Conservatives Fund’s portion of the Rubio moneybomb. Said portion’s sub-goal is 100K, and they’re at 86.2K already.]

He’s trying to raise 787 thousand (in ‘commemoration’ of the 787 billion dollar ‘stimulus’ that the Democrats have wished upon the country): he’s well on his way, but it would be excellent if the Rubio campaign had to scribble an updated, higher fundraising goal all over their nice, clean design.

This primary is important enough to trigger my ‘throw in what money you can’ reflex: so go ye, and do the same.

And while we’re on the subject, Adam Kinzinger of IL-11 could use your help:

He’s had to update his fundraising goal three times, all the way up to 13K: 15K would be better. Heck, 20K would be ideal.

Moe Lane

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