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Well, this is odd.

Just before I went to bed I noted this AoSHQ post.  To summarize, somebody found a 1951 South Carolina law targeting Communists* and chuckled about all those weird laws still on the books.  Then some hard Left sites got a hold of it, apparently mistook current attempts to repeal it with it actually passing (as suggested by a comment here) and started what was apparently a highly viral session of online babbling about the Right by the Online Left.  Entertaining – there’s something inherently funny about people who can’t do basic research attacking the intelligence of other people, particularly when they get things rather drastically wrong – but not all that relevant in the larger scheme of things.

Except that I’ve noticed that there was another sloppy, egg-on-your-face fake gotcha story making the rounds – I lost my temper about it, in fact – and it reminds me a little of the 2004 election cycle.  Remember that one?  You couldn’t go a day without some had-to-be-later-retracted outrage about funeral wreathes or loyalty days or whatever it was that was helping distract the Online Left from the electoral DOOM descending upon them.  I don’t really remember much of that after Bush’s re-election, and it all more or less stopped when the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007.

And now they’re back doing it.


Moe Lane

*Just to be particularly mean-spirited about it: no Republican voted for this law in 1951 – I mean, a Republican in South Carolina in 1951? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Heck, we didn’t even take control of the state legislature down there until the 1996 elections – and the Democrats were the ones who couldn’t get it repealed the first time, either.

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