Rasmussen: 61% call for health care mulligan. #rsrh

The Democrats are grinding metal at this point.

President Obama this week called for a televised bipartisan summit to get his health care reform plan back on track, but 61% of U.S. voters say Congress should scrap that plan and start all over again.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds just 28% who think it is better to build on the health care plan that has been working its way through the House and Senate.

It’s the independents that are making this issue such a killer for the current ruling party. Rasmussen reports:

  • 66% of independents want to scrap the whole plan and start over.
  • 59% of independents want to defer a new plan until the next Congress.
  • 66% of independents oppose the Democrats’ health care rationing bill.
  • 57% of independents strongly oppose the bill.

And it’s the ‘strongly oppose’ that’s the worst bit.  Opposition to the Democratic health care rationing bill has hardened, which is why it has died.  How much longer do we have to deal with the stink before the Democrats will admit that they need to dig its grave?

Moe Lane

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