2010 SEN +4 to +8 R at this point…

…and that +4 is me being nice and assuming that the Democrats will take two of the open R seats (they won’t) and keep two of Cook’s Democrat Tossup seats (they won’t do that, either). One of each sounds more likely, making the final total at least +6… and if we run the table at +8 it’s a 51/49 Senate.

By the way: that’s not the worst-case scenario. That’s a scenario that assumes that Senators Boxer, Feingold, Gillibrand, & Schumer don’t do anything stupid. Or Candidate Blumenthal.

Snickering based on this latest Cook Political Report survey.

Moe Lane

PS: Sen. Bayh really handled this retirement announcement… poorly. And what is Bayh going to do with that 13 million war chest, anyway?

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