And, speaking of John D MacDonald…

…what? Oh, Gail Carriger (the woman who wrote Soulless) had mentioned that she considered him “probably the best writer America has ever produced.” I think that this is not quite true*.

Not quite. If you’ve never read John D MacDonald, then to paraphrase Spider Robinson, I envy you: you have the wonderful sensation of enjoying his books for the first time to look forward to.

Just thought that I’d give him the shout-out.  It’s been pretty politics-heavy lately.

Moe Lane

*It is, however, an excellent way to make me kindly-disposed towards the writer.


  • LastRick says:

    Certainly, he’s not the best we’ve ever produced; obviously we can debate Hemingway or Pynchon or whatever esoteric author you think it is. But John D. McDonald’s books, and here I’m mostly familiar with the Travis McGee series, are simply delightful. Pick a color, any color, and you will not be disappointed.

  • Ric Locke says:

    Most importantly: as you read the books, especially Travis McGee, try to visualize that happening now.

    It can’t. But when the books were written, it could. That America is lost in the time warp.


    (PS I prefer Wine of the Dreamers, but the Travis McGee books are excellent.)

  • Bensdad00 says:

    Travis McGee (via Jimmy Buffett) was my introduction, but two of my favorites are Condominium – a scathing take-down of the waterfront development industry and his two collections of pulp shorts (good Old Stuff and More GOS) which are – like the early works of John O’Hara – windows to a too-soon forgotten past.

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