Quote of the Day, Andrew Malcolm edition. #rsrh

Fair warning: this specific bit made my wife laugh in slightly bitter agreement:

Almost exactly one year ago when Obama was attempting to appoint the same old tax-challenged Washington cronies to his change administration, we wrote here about why Washington doesn’t work — and doesn’t get it. It still doesn’t.

One overlooked reason: Despite their growing grumbles, America’s voters kept electing the same partisan pols. When better than 80% of senatorial incumbents and 90+% of House incumbents get reelected from both sides, often using the most partisan, negative advertising, the lesson learned properly by those pros is that the voters are the hypocrites, denouncing partisanship and gridlock and punishing such tactics by repeated reelection.

This is a warning because while she’s a Republican herself, she’s not the partisan hack that I am about it.  So her vote this November will be a vote against, rather than for.  I’d appreciate it if the GOP’s career politicians kept that in mind, even after next January; I really don’t want to have to go through all of this again in six years…

Moe Lane

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