Please run for the Senate, Baron Hill. #rsrh

Pretty please, with sugar on top – and that’s a request that would be echoed by probably every conservative/Republican activist in Indiana.

You see, as it stands Baron Hill is doing so badly in IN-09 against Mike Sodrel that it seems almost almost wasteful. But having him do a Melancon and switch from a House race that he’s going to lose over to a Senate race that he’s going to lose?  That will have the happy effect of preserving the line of attack that the GOP’s already preparing and helping us with all the other statewide/Federal races, too. To put it another way: there are many Indiana Republicans out there who were disappointed that they had no way to vote against Baron Hill. If he becomes the Democratic candidate for Senate, it’ll be like the sun coming out for them.

So please.  Try to get that nomination, Hill.


Moe Lane

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