I didn’t meet Glenn Reynolds at CPAC… #rsrh

because he wasn’t there.

But I did meet or see LadyImpactOhio, @fpete13527, All American Blogger, Stacey and Smitty of The Other McCain, Melissa Clouthier, No Runny Eggs, @cprater, Baldilocks, Nice Deb, Little Miss Attila, Athens Runaway, Cynthia Yockey, Clyde Middleton of PatriotRoom,Tom White of Virginia Right!, Andrew Ian Dodge, and yes, I know that I am forgetting at least three people, which is why business cards are so bloody useful.   And I apologize in advance for anybody that I left out; it was a busy three days for me, which is just me making excuses for the lapse.  Now somebody’s not going to see his or her name, and I’ll feel bad about it.

Oh, and Jimmie Bise!  See what I mean?  The poor guy doesn’t give me his card, because of course I’d remember him, and I nearly forget because my memory’s all spotty right now.

Oh, and Tommy Christopher from the Other Side.

And, of course, the RedState krew.

Moe Lane

PS: I met Matt of Right Ohio in 2007, but Ohio’s going to erupt this election season, so check his site out.

PPS: And, yes, of course Ed MorrisseySheesh, Moe…

PPPS: D’OH! The folks at Smart Girl Politics, too.  Especially Tabitha Hale.

PPPPS: DaTechguy and Anita Moncrief.

PPPPPS: And it’s a good thing that Fausta and GayPatriot aren’t the vengeful types.


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