I guess it’s easier to blame Bayh than to blame themselves. #rsrh

I just wanted to break this not-really-gently, to the relevant indivduals involved:

While many Senate Democrats share Bayh’s frustration with Washington partisanship and stalling on major bills, some are angry that he’s stepping all over their 2010 message: that the 111th Congress has been one of the most productive in a generation, that the stimulus stemmed the tide of job losses and that Republicans, not Democrats, deserve most of the blame for the paralysis afflicting Capitol Hill.

It ain’t Bayh that did the stepping.  At least, it wasn’t just Bayh.  His fellow caucus members have done an absolutely wizzo job at making sure the American populace recognizes that this ‘2010 message’ of the Democrats has pretty much no relationship whatsoever to ordinary, boring, Reality Non-Unicorn.

Umm.  Thanks?

Moe Lane


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