Fark stole my joke.

Regarding that Al Gore Papal brief on the slow-motion apostasy spreading through his faith:

Al Gore comes out of his hole, sees his shadow…

And by ‘stole’ I mean ‘actually made it before I could be bothered to.’

Moe Lane

PS: I forget: did the Cubslayer ever give back all that dirty tobacco money that he accepted?  I only ask because he brought up the tobacco industry in said brief.

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  • physics geek says:

    Fark is fun to visit, but it’s inhabited by way too many people who’ve mainlined the Kool-Aid. Reading the AGW comments is like watching a conversation between Al Gore and someone with actual scientific credentials. One of them speaks at length and in great detail about the subject and the other is a scientist. However, the scientist is the one who gets ad hominem attacks leveled at him.

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