These people are simply *insane*.

You know, I had a fairly elaborate rant planned out over this bizarre Leno/Palin applause faux-scandal Allahpundit found (no direct link: frankly, the original ‘revelation’ was porn – and boring, over-specialized porn at that) and was likewise gobsmacked over – but I realized that my last paragraph was all that you needed for a response.  So here it is:

So, how far into Crazyland has the netroots gone when it comes to Sarah Palin?  Let me put it this way: I now wait in breathless anticipation for the day that someone in the Online Left announces that they’re about to be given incontrovertible evidence that she’s secretly a Jew.

The 2008 election is over, people.  When can we expect to start seeing that the Other Side has, you know, moved on?

Moe Lane

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  • Dsn says:

    Moe, please visit regularly. These type of lies are routinely dealt with with actual facts. For example, liars have posted at E! online that the Sarah acted wrongly at the Silver Spoon. Only problem is, the owner of the Silver Spoon issued a statement praising Sarah and demanded an apology for the lies told about what happened.

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