The National Enquirer to open DC bureau? #rsrh

It’s being considered.

By being the first and, largely, the only publication pursuing the Edwards story through his denials of the affair and of fathering a child out of wedlock, The Enquirer is under consideration for a Pulitzer Prize, and it has strong support for its bid from other journalists. The success has Mr. Levine considering opening a Washington bureau to look for more dirt among politicians.

(Via @bdomenech) The Enquirer, in fact, does deserve a Pulitzer, although it won’t get one.  There are issues on the timing… and, honestly, the rest of the media is not exactly inclined to reward the Enquirer’s methods of story-generation.  It’s not so much that the newspaper industry is morally superior to the Enquirer (it’s not, frankly); it’s that the Enquirer is fairly open in its taste for sensationalism – and its preference for sensationalism over a particular ideological agenda.

That being said, I expect that a NE DC bureau would shortly be the cause of constant screams of outrage throughout the ranks of our political would-be betters: so by all means, set one up.

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