Remember when you thought that this album was the Most Significant Thing Ever?

Mother, Pink Floyd

Yeah. Suuuuuuure you didn’t.


  • Skip says:

    On an only semi-related note, I went to check and see if The Wall was out on Blu-Ray yet, since it seems like a pretty good candidate. It’s not, but the DVD release is at #36 in the category of Music > Dance & Electronic > Disco.

  • Just Dave says:

    I will admit I liked it a lot more then than now (it has not aged well for me), but “Most Significant Thing Ever”? Nah, I was way into the Beatles for that.

    The whole thing is an exercise in finding out who is responsible for Pink’s troubles in life. With Pink being conspicuously absent from the list of candidates.

  • von says:

    Yes. Absolutely: yes. And, yeah, it doesn’t hold up well. (OTOH, Piper, Meddle and The Final Cut sound better to me now.)

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