Hmm. What’s Spanish for “Hey, rubes!”

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I ask because Democrats from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are trying to excise language from the health care rationing bill that would prohibit illegal immigrants from buying into insurance exchanges (see Hot Air for some analysis of what that entails).  Putting aside for the moment whether or not this is a good idea, it’s an open question whether the CHC has the pull that it thinks that it has:

At a similar meeting at the White House in early November, which occurred just days before the House voted on its healthcare bill, the CHC failed to convince Obama to reject the Senate immigration language.

The result was a bloc of solid Democratic votes that remained up in the air until a deal was reached at the last minute to address the gap between the House and the Senate immigration restrictions during “conference negotiations.”

But the healthcare bill didn’t go to conference.

(Via AoSHQ) Let me sum that up:

  • The Democratic party’s leadership lies.
  • The Democratic party’s leadership lies.
  • The Democratic party’s leadership lies.

I could have told the CHC this last year.  I’m actually mildly surprised that apparently I didn’t, in fact: sorry about that.  Anyway, the Democratic party’s leadership lies, and their promises are worth their weight in gold.  For that matter, they get a little touchy when their clients point that out to them, so the CHC may want to reconsider just how badly they want to tick off their patrons….

Yes.  Use of term deliberate.

Moe Lane

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  • Hey rubes, don’t make it bad
    Take a bad bill and make it better
    Don’t let Obama get under your skin
    Then you’ll begin to make it better

    (best I could do on short notice)

  • Rich Rostrom says:

    Mr. Lane seems to be ignorant of a piece of cultural history.

    “Hey Rube!” was the traditional rallying cry of a circus or carnival worker attacked by an outsider.

    Sez Wikipedia:

    The OED’s first entry for “Hey, Rube!” is from 1882 Times (Chicago) 3 Dec. Suppl. 12/4 “A canvasman watching a tent is just like a man watching his home. He’ll fight in a minute if the outsider cuts the canvas, and if a crowd comes to quarrel he will yell, ‘Hey Rube!’ That’s the circus rallying cry, and look out for war when you hear it.”

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Rich: I could claim ‘cultural drift’ on that one – which is true, if arguable – but it’s a fair hit. If a little rude. On the other hand, hit the tip jar and all is forgiven…

  • bigfingo says:

    Hey Rich,
    “Hey Rube” is very appropriate here. This whole thing has been a circus. This whole administration is a circus. Ergo “Rube” is an appellation rightly applied to the denizens of any “organization” seeking favor from same. Moe Lane “ignorant”? Bah, humbug!

  • jdm says:

    Moe, I think “bobo” might suit your needs.

  • Fausta says:

    To answer your question,
    “¡Mira, pendejo!”

  • WJ says:

    Why would the Democrat leadership agree to a deal with the Hispanic caucus? The Democrat leaderhsip knows that the CHC will always vote the way the leadership wants them to. The CHC has no choice.

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