Oh, BTW, real quick: we’re being nice to Honduras again. #rsrh

Quietly, and with none of the fanfare that we dedicated to originally interfering with their counter-coup operations:

Six months after the US cut aid to Honduras following its refusal to reinstate ousted leader Manuel Zelaya, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a first step toward normalizing relations with Honduras this week when she announced the United States would be restoring $37 million in aid.

(Via Legal Insurrection) So, no harm done… what’s that? When do we apologize? HA! Never. This administration doesn’t go in for apologizing for things that they’ve done; that would imply that they were wrong about something, and this administration would rather contract rabies en masse than do that. And there’s no way to blame this mess on George W Bush, thus depriving them of their usual out.

Hey, I didn’t vote for them.

Moe Lane

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  • Cap'n Kirk says:

    Hey, I didn’t vote for them.

    Moe Lane

    Hey,hey,ho,ho the Feringi’s gotta go [It’s all about the ears, baby]!!11ty!!

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