Well, *I’m* tired of hearing him talk about it… #rsrh

…so I guess that we’re even.

“The time for talk is over. It’s time to vote. It’s time to vote. Tired of talking about it,” [Obama] told the crowd.

Note that the AP cut the comment later, as per their new Why even pretend to objective journalism? program.  James Lileks once suggested – not seriously, I’m sure – that most design magazines and trade journals have had a lot of convenient fires ravage the portion of their archives that dealt with the Seventies; I wonder what excuse surviving news organizations will offer for the lack of certain types of data from 2007-2013.  Asteroid strikes, probably.  Very precise asteroid strikes.

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re tired of talking about this, Mr. President, you could always, you know, shut up or something.

PPS: Sorry, Mr. President.  I haven’t had my coffee yet, and I get cranky when I haven’t had my coffee yet and I encounter people who want to blame everybody but themselves for a problem.

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