Some Dragon Age: Origins Awakening comments (spoilers)

Comments after the fold.  Mind you, I’ve only gotten past the intro to Dragon Age: Origins Awakening so far.  There are still spoilers.

Going down the list:

  1. Oghren’s appearance was better than I expected.  He was never one of my favorite party members, but he was entertaining as all get-out.  Thankfully, his gear came with him.
  2. I’m not particularly pleased about the entire Mhairi thing.  Not least because I like sword-and-board tanks.
  3. I’m a good deal more concerned at the sort of ‘stickiness’ that crops up when I’m trying to move people around.  Although that may be my computer, though.
  4. They could have stood being a bit less abrupt in the intro.
  5. It’s very pretty – as pretty as the first game.
  6. Revising my character is going to take more thought than I had realized.

Bottom line?  Good expansion so far, but there are elements to it I’m not really thrilled about.  With luck, that’ll fade in comparison to the sheer awesome.  But I hope that they’ll release more non-Awakening DLC.  Perhaps the best of the fan-created stuff…
Moe Lane

PS: Please note that I am not threatening a lawsuit.  I’ve never really been exposed to the ways of gamer message boards before; imagine my surprise to find that they rank somewhat below non-moderated political discussion boards in many ways…

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  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    I still think it’s pretty dumb to not let promo items & DLC loot import. Why? Because my two weapon tank showed up in the intro naked and with one weapon. *grumble*

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