Kind of getting *intense* out there, huh?

Here. Have some Cracked: The 5 Most Half-Assed Scams That Were Shockingly Successful.

A few years ago, criminals targeted a large grocery corporation based in Minnesota called SuperValu. They own some of the biggest super market chains in the country, and like all corporations, the dollar is their bottom line. They very tightly monitor every cent that flows in and out of, ah, just kidding! They hurl that shit at anything that moves until it goes away.

See, while the criminal’s plan was to steal millions of dollars from the company–possibly by robbing the company’s armored cars, hacking into the company’s bank accounts or breaking into the company’s headquarters and looting the vault–the options, as you can see, are not easy ones. So they just sent an email to SuperValu asking them to send the money instead; which they did. To the tune of more than $10 million.

No, nothing political in this article. If they had, they wouldn’t have been able to hold it down to five. Or fifty. Or five thousand, probably.

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