The ‘Pulp Bard’ project seems to have not lasted…

…alas, many hopeful Internet projects fail of their promise.  While it lived, though, it produced this:

Julius: Your pardon; did I break thy concentration?
        Continue! Ah, but now thy tongue is still.
        Allow me, then, to offer a retort.
        Describe Marsellus Wallace to me, pray.
Brett:  What?
Julius: What country dost thou hail from?
Brett:  What?
Julius: Thou sayest thou dost hail from distant What!
        I know but naught of thy strange country What.
        What language speak they in the land of What?
Brett:  What?
Julius: English, base knave, dost thou speak it?
Brett:  Aye!
Julius: Then hearken to my words and answer them!
        Describe to me Marsellus Wallace!
Brett:  What?
(JULIUS presses his knife to BRETT's throat)
Julius: Speak 'What' again! Thou cur, cry 'What' again!
        I dare thee utter 'What' again but once!
        I dare thee twice and spit upon thy name!
        Now, paint for me a portraiture in words,
        If thou hast any in thy head but 'What',
        Of Marsellus Wallace!

…so it did not utterly fail.

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