Hmm. Ignition City.

I saw this while trying to find out if the fourth and last Planetary collection had hit softcover yet (no). Ignition City Volume 1 is the sort of thing that I might buy: is it any good?


  • Trellaina's Hubby says:

    I picked up the issues as they came out. It is a interesting world he has built but this seemed like that was the only purpose. Its a great setup but who know when there will be more. It was what…2 years between the last two issues of Planetary? Not that the pay off wasn’t worth it. Aside from my weekly fix, i am working my way through the collected Walking Dead (FANTASTIC!!!) and the Starman Omnibus’ (DOUBLE SUPER FANTASTIC!!!!)

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Yeah, the Planetary I was buying issue by issue, which I usually don’t do. I suppose that I was waiting for one final twist at the end, though.

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