The CNN estimate of the Searchlight Rally.

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(H/T: Instapundit) Guess how many people CNN reported showed up here:

Go on, guess.

Nope. Lower than that.

Nope. Lower than that.

Nope. Still lower. No, really.

Give up?

Hundreds of people, at least dozens of people – we haven’t gotten a count of how many people turned out there…

Video confirmation at link.

Well, now we know why CNN gave my RS colleague Erick Erickson a job: they clearly need at least one person in the lineup who can do math.

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  1. CNN’s estimate/s are intentionally misleading. However, CNN’s ratings continue to decline but they STILL have dozens of viewers.

  2. I estimated 6000 by counting heads (rows and columns) in the photo. But then, that is so complicated, one wouldn’t expect CNN to have those kinds of skills.

    Really, the MSM would be a total laughing stock, except that their self-awareness is zilch, and the people watching them don’t care.

  3. Well, 500 dozen would definitely be “hundreds, at least dozens of people” wouldn’t it?

    I mean, if I made [as I did in my college days on my night job] 15,000 or so doughnuts a night, we usually referred to that as 1250 dozen doughnuts.

    Of course, that was doughnuts and not people. Maybe CNN doesn’t know the difference.

  4. I was there. The police estimate of 9,000 to 11,000 squared with my guesstimate of 7,500 — CNN is a joke but we already knew that.

  5. Keep digging, MSM morons- you’re toast after betting the house on Obama

    What’s amazing is the thought that you won’t get caught lying… those days are over, the New Media’s resurgent Right will be sticking the knife in your heart now… and twisting

    Adios, scum

  6. People at CNN calculate their ratings on their fingers( one hand). Theres more people in that picture than watch Anderson Cooper show in a month, so I’m guessing that they would need to take their shoes off to count that high.

  7. CNN was probably afraid that if they gave the true size of the gathering, their ‘access’ to Harry Reid’s office would end. Didn’t they pull the same sort of stuff for access to Saddam? Could be company policy.

  8. In related news, CNN is now reporting that only 10 people are unemployed nationally.

  9. The CNN daily audience, numbering in the hundreds, at least dozens, were misinformed before they leaned back in their Art Linkletter Contour Chairs and dozed off. Who cares?

  10. As I watched the coverage of the rally, I kept being reminded of “Dan’s Bake Sale”—one of the funniest news events I’ve ever seen.

    Lest anyone not recall it, Rush had a listener who wanted his newsletter but his wife wouldn’t spend the $. At the same time Clinton was encouraging school children to hold bake sales, send the $ to him to reduce the deficit (yeah, really). So Rush told Dan to have a bake sale and send him a photo for the next newsletter.

    From there it took on a life of its own. Printers called in offering free flyers & t-shirts. Billboards were donated. Callers wanted to go to Fort Collins and bring baked goods for Dan. Restaurants would send their chefs to feed the crowds (like Brennans in New Orleans). It was phenomenal.

    Two weeks later, 65,000 people showed up for Dan’s Bake Sale. Now remember, this was 1988. All we had were CNN and the network news. That night their reports showed traffic back ups 15 miles long trying to get to Ft. Collins. Flyovers showed enormous crowds filling the entire downtown. It was the first time liberal news was forced to acknowledge Rush as a powerful force—flying under their “radar”.

    That’s what Searchlight reminded me of. We’re flying under their radar again and they keep being “surprised” at all the people who oppose what Obama’s doing to the economy.

  11. There’s got to be a t-shirt in that: “There’s hundreds of us, or at least dozens.”

  12. I was there. I think 10,000 is way, way too low. There were, in my estimation, around 20,000 people who came.

    “Dozens” applies to just the people who had arrived the previous afternoon/evening. By the time I got there, at least 5,000 (the number that the organizers had been shooting for originally) had joined them, so that around 10:30 AM, State troopers had stopped letting people drive into Searchlight and told everyone to just find somewhere to park on the shoulder. I was lucky to find a spot to squeeze into about two hundred yards away from the entrance road to the rally. When I left at about 1:30 to head back up into Henderson for the event there, I watched my odometer to see how far down the road people had had to park. Over 2 miles, on both sides. According to people who were calling into the local radio talk radio shows, the same was true in the other direction, as well. So, we’re talking a total of over 8 miles of “parking lot” on the side of the road. I reckon that to come out to over 5,000 cars, SUVs, and trucks. Two passengers each, on average. So, 10,000 was just the number of people who had not been able to park at the event, and had to leg it in!

    I’ve got more commentary, and photos, in a blog entry I did for a discussion forum I participate in, Conservative Talk:

  13. Their counting ability reminds me of that of the trolls on Terry Prachett’s Disc World. During warm weather (i.e. when things get hot) the trolls silicon based brain can only count as follows: “One…Two…Many.” Really bright ones get to three. That’s about how many viewers CNN has if you subtract all the preset TVs in bus and airline terminals–three.

  14. Hundreds, maybe dozens, huh? That’s not even an inability to count. It’s the inability of lefty CNN journalists to believe their own lying eyes.

  15. Maybe the CNN reporter also got diverted by Harry’s stoolies, ended up someplace with the ‘hundreds, if not dozens’ likewise diverted, and thought it was the real rally.

    I know if I were one of the stoolies, I’d make sure the reporter didn’t get anywhere near the real rally.

  16. I was there, and am editing video as I speak. The crowd filled the protest site and climbed up the mountain behind it. The traffic coming to the rally backed up from Searchlight more than 20 miles back towards Henderson and Vegas. People were just abandoning their cars on the side of the road and walking in

    It was like fucking Woodstock for people with jobs.

    Estimates I heard on site from the organizers were that 20,000 people were present at the time of the announcement, and people were still coming in. The last estimate I heard before I left the secondary rally that night in Henderson was as many as 35,000. Split the difference if you want.

    And this was for a rally in a literal hole in the ground in the middle of a goddammed desert, not some major city mall or park.

    Harry Reid is transcendantly boned. Look for him to enact as much malicious payback on the American people as possible in his last months in office.

  17. Paul:

    My bad. The Bake Sale was in ’93.

    Easy to get wrong: it was “many” and “lots” of years ago!

  18. I was there along with my two brothers and our 83 year old father, we traveled from San Diego via the backroads (Route 66). Even though sunny it was cold (wind chill) and dusty. You have no idea how desolate this area is. We arrived around 11 PM and made it down the dusty trail to station ourselves behind the big screen TV. Great atmosphere, people we pumped to hear Sarah and the various Nevada candidates for office. I would guess that there where 15-18k people because of the parking problem. People had to park miles down the road and walk in. When we left there were still many just walking up trying to get in. The traffic was so backed up many couldn’t get close enough to walk and get there on time.

    I would say if it had been held at a venue with adequate parking and road access it could have easily gotten to the 20k plus number. Great time had by all.

    There were a number of Reid supporter at the entrance with signs, for example, “Don’t spit on me” and “Stop Tea Party Racism” they were ignored and later left with no incident to report back to their masters.

  19. We were three who departed from from Laughlin, Nevada at 10 am to head to the TEA Party. From the junction where the highway from Laughlin interesects with US 95 it was 2 northbound lanes of bumper to bumper traffic all the way to the rally site 2.3 miles north of Searchlight, a distance of 23 miles.
    By the time we reached the Searchlight vehicles parked vehicles had filled the town lining both sides of the the road all the way to the rally site as well as along every dirt trail leading off the pavement Three of us had to walk more than 2.5 miles to get to the rally site from where we managed to find a parking space 1/3 mile off the highway along a dirt trail 2 miles from the entrance to the rally site. Parked cars lined the highway taking up every available inch of shoulder . The parking areas at the rally site had been filled parking had been filled hours before.
    The crowd was so large that we could not manage to hear the loudspeakers blaring the speeches from Nevada candidates, Breitbart,and Sarah Palin.
    When we left the Tea Party a bit after 2 pm planning to drive to the rally in Henderson there were people still entering the Searchlight rally site who only then thanks too the traffic snarls had gotten there. The late arrivers figured the driving time from the Las Vegas metro area as well as points south would be near normal.
    My Nevadan sister who has driven US 95 hundreds of times to Laughin for more than 40 years for her work had never seen anything of the likes of the traffic snarl created by TEA Party atendees in the nearly unpopulated empty reaches of far southern Nevada.
    The pathological prevaricating leftist propagandists at CNN have again soiled themselves and this time without the aid of a dim-wit dense dumb blond FNC reject talking head.

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