#rsrh QotD, Obama/Israel/Hot Air Edition.

Ed Morrissey, on the news that 327 Members of Congress have felt the urge to put daylight between themselves and the administration on the latter’s decision to try to bully Israel:

Accidental, latent, or overt, Obama’s hostility towards a key democracy in the most strategic part of the world has raised eyebrows of both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill — perhaps belatedly, but not too late to put some serious pressure for this administration to grow the hell up.

It takes a good bit to make Ed swear (however mildly), ladies and gentlemen.  Although in this case I suspect that he was tempted to use a somewhat stronger word.  I am.

Moe Lane

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  • Halothane says:

    You just have to love the double standard foreign policy employed by this administration. We have Iran that is cheerfully ramping up efforts in state sponsored terrorism via their proxies in Hezbullah, as well as gallantly defying the will of the international community in it’s headlong rush to develop nuclear capability, and what we’re really darned mad about is some apartment buildings going up.

    I wonder what the Bamster is going to do when Iran actually does make good on it’s threat to obliterate the state of Israel. For that matter, how will the rest of us respond? There are times when “I told you so” just don’t cut it, and I suspect that will be one of those times.

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