Behold, the terrifying true nature of the Tea Party!

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Remember, this is the group that the President claims that “at their core” is all about opposition to and rejection of him (not that he wants to broad-brush, of course)*. Behold the Mob:

(Via Instapundit: more pictures from the Denver Tea Party here)

I have no idea whether the President would score the kid as part of the deluded crowd, or as one of the ones doing the deluding. Normally I’d say the former, but Obama seems to have weird ideas sometimes…

Moe Lane

*Since the President is so eager to bring this up: I agree that he’s a natural-born citizen, and so is thus the legitimate President of the United States.  My problem with the man is that he sucks at being both.

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  • Joseph says:

    I’m not so sure that he isn’t the Anti-Christ. Maybe that’s the real reason he’s hiding his birth certificate.

    By the way, I heard that as soon as he signed that Executive Order for Stupak, the Rahmster took it away and locked it up with the birth certificate for “safe keeping.”

  • Kent says:

    I think the poll that asked if Obama was the Antichrist would have been more interesting if they also gave the option “Obama is too stupid to be the Antichrist”.
    Because my vote would go to that one.

  • CV says:

    Yeah, Stupak sold out America for an autograph.

  • We need to pass Cap&Trade, so that little boy can have a future – http://www.LIVESHOT.cc

  • Stoutcat says:

    Nah, the kid is a human shield, of. course, which makes. daddy guilty of child abuse, so off to jail with him!

    The child is then left abandoned on a lonely hillside with his ankles pierced and… Oh, wait–wrong story. Never mind.

  • mike d says:

    Dude, its not the little munch we have to worry about, its the obviously racist dad holding him up.

    How do I know dad’s a racist?


    – Proudly displaying the AmeriKKKan flag of genocidal capitalist warcrimes against indigenous people of color

    – beard.

    – ball cap, most likely glorifying some genocidal patriarchal, oppressive aspect of AmeriKKKan warcrimery.

  • joe american says:

    The kid is obviously a racist. I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of neo-Nazi flag he’s carrying.

  • Bobnormal says:

    Hey Moe! I have your website background on my wall.Ecstasy by Maxfield Parrish,I inherited A framed litho from my mom,some 50 years old,FWIW,

  • Diggs says:

    Sorry, not funny. White males are terrifying to both leftards in general, and Obama in particular.
    So yeah, those two ARE terrifying. Obama is as terrified of them as he is of the Constitution.

  • Oh, bother says:

    I’d say he’s doing a poor job of all three. Where I come from adults, both men and women, tell the truth, take responsibility for their actions, and behave civilly.

  • Just Me says:

    He’s not the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ would have a much more impressive resume.

  • Black Sabbath says:

    If you want this nonsense from the Left to stop, donate time and money to Conservative candidates now and vote them into power this November. Demand that they repeal Obamacare.

  • Barbarian says:

    I dunno, they both look like island tippers to me.

  • SenatorMark4 says:

    All this talk about repealing Obamacare is just that…talk. The Republican leadership is already backing away from making it part of the national party platform. I still think that having all government redistributed income generate an IRS Form 1099-GOV is a cleaner approach to finding out where our money is going. What working man, Democrat of Republican, is going to stand against those that receive our income as passed through the government should have special rights to annonymity that the worker doesn’t. Please.

  • jgreene says:

    There is the possibility that the Obama person is really a Klingon. He doesn’t seem to understand what makes anything WORK here on planet Earth and stumbles about DESTROYING the best of everything in America.

    Then again, his ineptitude could be INTENTIONAL. Hmmmm, I suppose we are going to have to remove his fellow Klingonauts, the DemocRATs in Congress in 2010 and the Chief of the Klingons in 2012.

  • jms says:

    I think he was adopted by indians, and won’t release his birth certificate because it would show a different set of parents, which would make people think he had tried to launder his non-natural born citizen status by having his hospital record sealed and replaced with an adoption certificate showing him as the Hawaii-born child of two American citizens.

  • BrianADavis2 says:

    Nah, I don’t think he is the Antichrist, but I think Antichrist is taking notes.

  • Akatsukami says:

    jms: No, the Indians wouldn’t have him. Neither would the wolves; he grew up all alone except for his teddy bear, although the vultures were willing to hang with him.

    (Yes, I HAVE seen “Evil Roy Slade”.)

  • JadedByPolitcs says:

    That beautiful Conservative baby is the FUTURE of this great country so of course Obama and his corrupt media minions would be TERRIFED!

  • jms says:


    Google “Obama crow adoption.” At least my birth certificate theories are fact based.

  • John says:

    Mike D “– ball cap, most likely glorifying some genocidal patriarchal, oppressive aspect of AmeriKKKan warcrimery.” That would be “warmocracy’ or “warmongcracy”

  • AST says:

    What they remind me of most is the crowds at county and state fairs, and we all know how dangerous THEY are!

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