But I haven’t even finished Diablo *II*…

…Well, yes, I have no excuse for that, really: I had merely gotten to the last board in the expanded version with my Necromancer and was busy playing bang-bang-bang-Scroll of Town Portal-breathe-bang-bang-bang when the computer crashed. I stopped playing in frustration for just long enough for it to get caught up in the ‘upgrading the computer cycle’ fallout.

Anyway, they’re coming out with Diablo III, and I feel vaguely ashamed that I never finished Diablo II. Yes, I know, I know: this is from last November.

I was busy with the birth of my second kid, ‘kay?


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Console yourself (that’s rather punny in this context!) with Torchlight in the meantime. $10 regular price, though I got it for $5 in a Steam sale. Should help scratch that Diablo itch!

  • AveSharia says:

    So I take it you didn’t get into the StarCraft II Beta?

  • David says:

    I have to second the recommendation for Torchlight, its the best Diablo clone out there. Probably because it was made by the guys who did the first Diablo game.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    And Starcraft II is in beta, too. I’ve been waiting 7-8 years for that one. Looks good, too.


  • Skip says:

    A buddy of mine got in the SC2 beta, he’s really enjoying it. Me? I’m just saying no, since theyr’re charging $60 for a third of a game. I’ll wait til it’s under $50 for the whole game, if that ever happens.

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