#rsrh Kept down by the Man.

(H/T: Hot Air) Taylor Marsh wants to know:

Where is the woman on the left who can make headlines and draw crowds like Sarah Palin, Liz Cheney, perhaps even a re-entry of Dr. Condoleezza Rice?

…as if she didn’t know the answer already – which is, “stuck permanently below the twin filters of Democratic establishment orthodoxy and left-feminist orthodoxy.”  To put it simply, anybody who can manage to bow at both altars without irony or self-consciousness is going to be as dull as dishwater.  This is not a bug, and this is not even a feature: it is in fact the goal.  The entire organization of the Other Side is designed to take radicals, populists, mavericks, and/or anybody else with a desire to change the system and put them off to the side, where they can be fed a steady diet of hate-the-enemy, periodically shaken down for money, and pointed at Republican and conservative targets.  This preserves Democratic party apparatchiks and keeps the entire edifice humming nicely along, and nobody important is discommoded by it.

Again, Taylor Marsh must know of this system: heck, Taylor Marsh is an enabler of the system (writer for HuffPo, after all: which exists to tamp down left-activism and keep it working for Establishment Democrats).  So why is she pretending that she doesn’t?

Moe Lane

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