#rsrh Who will be our generation’s ‘Hate Man?’

And don’t say, “All of ’em.” It doesn’t usually work out that way:

The Hate Man is probably the most colorfully oddball homeless person on Berkeley’s famously oddball Telegraph Avenue. Known as Mark Hawthorne when he was a New York Times news reporter from 1961 to 1970, Hate Man has lived mostly on the streets in Berkeley since opting out of normal society in 1986. For a man whose penchant for wearing cast-off women’s clothes and eating garbage seems a tad feral, the 73-year-old Hate Man is a surprisingly gentle, lucid conversationalist about most anything – particularly his philosophy that everyone must acknowledge that they really hate each other.

I was originally going to write “Thorazine would clear that right up, you know” – but after looking at Wikipedia I’m getting the impression that I should be name-dropping olanzapine, instead.

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