Chris Christie (R, NJ) zeros out faith-based program!

Sixty-five million dollars’ worth. The entire budget, in fact:

Gov. Chris Christie is taking $65 million, the entire allocation, from the state’s global warming fund, and $5.9 million, from the toxic waste site cleanup program, to help close the over $10 billion deficit in his $29.3 billion 2010-11 state budget, the state environmental protection commissioner said Monday.

In discussing the Department of Environmental Protection’s proposed $380.6 million budget before the Assembly Budget Committee in Trenton, Commissioner Bob Martin said he hopes the loss of the $65 million, funding for the state’s role in a regional effort to combat global warming, will only be for one year. He told the committee that DEP staff will continue to attempt to work against global warming and so-called greenhouses gasses despite the lack of money.

(Via Cubachi, via @MelissaTweets) I am confident that Bob Martin will be able to continue working against global warming. In fact, I am confident that he will be just as successful at it this year as he was last year: and you may take that statement any way that you like.

Moe Lane

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5 thoughts on “Chris Christie (R, NJ) zeros out faith-based program!”

  1. My problem is the cut to toxic waste clean up. According to the EPA, NJ has over more than 9,000 known contaminated sites. Say what you want about glodal warming, but here in NJ toxic site are a problem we can not ignore.

    1. matt: to the best of my knowledge, he didn’t zero out the toxic waste cleanup budget. I don’t have a breakdown of the percentage cut there.

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