#rsrh Geez, Stormy, run in LA-03 if you’re that annoyed about it.

It’s an open seat and a prime Republican pickup, seeing as Charlie Melancon has decided to end his legislative career by losing to David Vitter in the LA-SEN race.  You say you’re a Fair-Taxer, and I believe you: you also say that your, ah, life/work experience gives you a certain useful perspective on the proper role of government in man’s affairs, and I actually believe you on that, too.  But trying to jump from the adult entertainment industry to a Senatorial seat in one go was always going to have people assume the worst of your motivations.  House seat… you might have gotten a pass on that.  Senate seat: no.

Sorry, but that’s the way it goes.  I didn’t design this political system: I’m just trying to manipulate it for my own goals, just like you and everybody else who’s paying attention.

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