Eric Massa and the mock-feudal Congress.

Heh.  I’ve been referring to Congress as being barons and petty-nobility – very, very, very petty nobility – for some time; but it’s nice that other people have noticed. Eleanor Clift (via Instapundit):

It took just three weeks for upstate New York Democratic Rep. Eric Massa to resign his seat in Congress after accusations surfaced that he had sexually harassed members of his staff. The long trail of unwanted and often abusive advances that preceded his resignation—and why his alleged behavior went unreported for so long—highlights how much Capitol Hill is a feudal society, with each member the lord of his or her own territory.

The kicker is, it’s not even a proper feudal society.  A proper feudal society would have seen Speaker Pelosi’s office burned down by her own vassals for her willful sparking of a peasant revolt in said vassals’ fiefdoms.  Feudal societies were rambunctious affairs; the average French or English baron would have sneered at the milksops that blindly and meekly followed the Democratic party leadership’s charge over a cliff.

And let’s not get started on the Germans.

Moe Lane

PS: regarding the specifics, somebody should tell these people that the droit du seigneur – the sexual ‘rights’ of a feudal lord over his vassals – DIDN’T ACTUALLY EXIST.  Ah, the Democratic party: not only do they not learn from history, many of them didn’t actually take it in the first place…

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