Meet Dan Debicella (R CAND, CT-04).

He’s running in the CT-04 primary; his general election opponent would be freshman Jim Himes, (Cook rates the district as in play as Likely Democrat).

Dan’s site is here.

Moe Lane

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  • Chris DeMuth Jr says:

    Our nation is in crisis.

    We are on a course that imperils our nation as it was conceived by our founders. Single party domination of our capitol has led to extreme public policies that are on track to permanently change our society within the next few years. The most drastic of these measures is the recent healthcare law. Historically, government healthcare programs of this scale have survived as long as the countries that have enacted them. They permanently change the nature of the relationship between the citizen and the state. To paraphrase our Vice President, this is a big deal. However, this law does not go into effect immediately, a delay that offers a window of opportunity for opponents to act. So, 2010 will be the crucial year in an effective opposition. The healthcare law is unaffordable and unpopular – unpopular to an extent that a coalition could form in November to form a new majority that is both principled and broad-based.

    What can we do?

    What can an energized, organized electorate do in the critical year of a crisis? The president has years left in his term. The Senate is unlikely to change hands. The Supreme Court will likely disappoint any hope that even the most egregiously unconstitutional aspects of the healthcare law will be overturned. Perhaps it is appropriate that the most democratic body in Washington is also the opposition’s best hope. There is only one practical act that can be accomplished to bring a peaceful revolution to Washington in 2010: building a new majority in the House of Representatives. The fourth district of Connecticut is a majority-maker district. There is a vulnerable freshman incumbent who can be defeated if he is defeated this year. This race is on the verge of attracting substantial national attention. Party leaders and private donors from across the country are looking to make a big impact on this race.

    Early unity would make this competitive.

    National support will arrive as soon as the Republicans of this district are united. Early support for a strong candidate is a good investment of energy and resources for everyone seeking a new majority. If Republicans can decide on that candidate soon, they would be deciding to make the fall a competitive battle instead of deciding to allow Jim Himes to coast to an easy victory. Now is the time to choose whether or not to unify early and decisively in order to win in the fall. Republicans should hope that they can unify behind Dan Debicella as the strongest candidate; Mr. Himes should hope that they cannot.

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