Gizmodo pushback on iPhone conspiracy theories.

It’s entertaining enough to read the reasons why, no, it’s not really Apple’s style to do a deliberate leak of a gadget that will apparently be out in June anyway and will cause the usual mutliple orga… ah, ‘excite a lot of interest.’  But it’s this paragraph which I think addresses the real reason for the furious theorizing:

Presuming this was a leak is limp thinking. Worse, it hands back the control of the story to Apple because some are more comfortable believing Apple’s machinations are infallible than that they’re a company made up of human beings who try to control the news cycle—and that even the best laid plan can fall apart because of a single human mistake.

Yup.  Don’t get me wrong; I have an old iPod.  I like it. It plays music for long car rides.  But I don’t have an emotional involvement in the company that made it.

Moe Lane