#rsrh 22%? That high?

So says David Harsanyi, who admittedly is more interested in accentuating the positive:

Trust: placing confidence in, or depending on, someone or something.

According to a new Pew Research Center poll, 22 percent of Americans would use this word to express their view of federal government.

Then there are those 4 out of 5 Americans — free of any ailments that inhibit rational thinking — who trust government “some of the time or never.” This distrust is at a near a historic low — or historic high, depending on how a person views such things.

Historic high.  The real question is what the current ruling party does about it, particularly since the opposition has every intention of running as outsiders – which even incumbent Republicans can legitimately do at this point, thanks to the aforementioned current ruling party’s decision to shut us out of regular Congressional business*.  Well, it’s a serious problem that can be fixed by concentrating on the issues where most Americans feel that the government has been negligent – economy/job creation – so, based on their track record to date, the Democrats will spend the next three months obsessively focusing on what will turn out to be a deeply unpopular immigration reform policy that addresses neither**.

Moe Lane

*Um. Thanks?

**Um.  Thanks?

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